When I tell people I have a product that aids in reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses, the person I am talking to always has a story.  I had lunch with 2 different business people this week.  Neither of them work in the  health care field.  Each of them told me a disturbing story about someone they know that had a HAI.  Both patients stayed in the hospital 80+ days over what their original diagnosis would have required.  Both patients nearly lost their lives.  The stories were upsetting and made me know that I have chosen the right product, OxiArmor, to bring to the market.  All healthcare facilities need more effective and cost efficient  products to help in their goal to wipe out healthcare acquired infections. 

I don’t usually promote my product on my blog but this week’s events made things crystal clear for me.  I am selling something that is going to make a difference.  www.medinetsystems.com