I read a great article today in the Harvard Business Review It was about the return on investment for corporate wellness programs.  There is solid evidence that employers who invest in the health of their employees see the financial rewards.  We all know keeping people healthy and at work will improve our bottom line.  But, is it only about exercising and smoking cessation?  No, we have to keep our employees protected from infectious diseases.  Offices with many employees, lots of meetings and people who come to work sick, are prone to the spread of flu, viruses and staph. 

Education on the spread of infectious disease should be the next addition to all corporate wellness programs.  Awareness will promote better habits and lower the  risk of H1N1 or MRSA being transmitted from employee to employee.  Unfortunately, most infection prevention and control procedures are dependent on people.  The staff have to understand the importance of  disinfectants.

Corporate wellness is about preventing short and long term disease.  We can keep the bottom line in the black if we keep our people well.  Let’s add education on reducing the spread of infectious disease to our corporate programs.