I read an article today from a piece that aired on CNN on January 6, 2011.  The title is Don’t Let a Hospital Kill Your Child.  It described how a young girl went into a hospital to have an operation and contracted an infection.  The infection was C-diff and it is more common than ever among hospitalized children.  A study found that C-diff infections have gone up 15%  in hospitalized children.  Dr Peter Pronovost from Johns Hopkins University says “most of these infections are preventable”.  

I agree that many infections can be prevented.  But the healthcare facilities need more to aid in the fight.  Most infection prevention and control programs are people dependent . If  staff or a visitor forgets to wash their hands or use precaution, there is risk.   With the widespread rise in antibiotic resistant infections, maintaining a sanitary work environment is essential. Due to the fast pace of  the hospital environment,  people do forget sometimes. Being careful is not always enough.