How can we keep people well this time of year?  February is the peak of flu season.  There are approximately 97 million cases of the flu reported annually.  This results in 75 million sick days.  Guess how much that costs employers.  Over $10 billion…yes with a “b”.  The time to pay attention to infection is now, before you or your employees get sick.  Smart companies today are adopting a preventive strategy, one that is proactive, not reactive.

Don’t depend entirely on people-oriented solutions.  Although hand sanitizers and disinfectants are the most common infection preventive, not everyone uses them conscientiously.  Make sure your facility is cleaned thoroughly every day with a disinfectant and if at all possible get your space treated with a protectant.

Provide hand-sanitizing products.  Hand hygiene is important, and the data shows that hand sanitizers are one of the best ways to control and prevent infection. But not all sanitizers are effective, nor are they all appealing to use. Sanitizers that are gentle and have longer-lasting agents make a difference.  Look for ones with alcohol or silver and a moisturizing ingredient so to not dry the skin.  The ROI will be more than you ever expect….fewer sick days.

Take the initiative. Get ahead of the problem, don’t just react to it. Your company or place of business has a huge opportunity to take the lead regarding infection and set the example for your community. Prevention is not just a healthcare issue; community acquired infections (CAI) are growing at rapid rates. Infection education and preventive initiatives for any organization should be a priority, as they lead to cleaner, more sanitary public spaces.

More health conscientious companies are taking precautions and making the effort to protect their employees from harmful bacteria and viruses.  Disinfectants, hand sanitizers and protective coatings are an ideal line up for keeping the sick days down and significantly lower employer costs.