There are so many HAI’s (Healthcare Acquired Infections) out there today which one should you be the most concerned about? The answer…all of them. Some may be worse than others in terms of their symptoms and effects on patients, families and the facilities. There are many costs associated with these infections…not in terms of just dollars. There are now studies that link HAI’s and hospital readmissions…40% of patients are likely to be readmitted within a year and an alarming 60% within 30 days. With stiff penalties on the horizon based on the rate of readmission, s infection prevention and control policies and solutions must be reviewed and addressed now. Skilled nursing facilities are experiencing their fair share of HAI’s as well. Although there is no current information that indicates penalties may be enforced in this arena, statistics have recently shown HAI’s as being a primary reason for state survey citations. The goal of any skilled nursing facility operator is to be deficiency free and the recent rise in HAI’s may put that objective at serious risk. Facilities must also protect themselves from the risk of spreading germs and infectious diseases…not only their patients/residents but employees and family members alike. The cost to treat one patient with an HAI can total at least $15,000 and facilities cannot afford additional outlays in an already cost challenged environment. These facilities must also take charge of their infection prevention policies and measures immediately.