We tend to think of germs being passed along by sick people confined at home or in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.  So this story is a little surprising.  Dateline: Washington State- Travelling soccer team struck down by Norovirus.  You don’t think of a bunch of healthy teenage girls playing soccer in a tournament as being the breeding ground for an outbreak of norovirus.  Or any other disease.  And when you hear the details, it gets even stranger.  The team and their chaperones went from their hometown in Oregon to a tournament in Washington.  One of the girls gets sick and pulls out of the tournament, returning home very quickly.  Next thing you know, the whole team is sick as dogs. All the common symptoms of Norovirous which teenage girls would be embarrassed to detail. Disgusting bodily fluids and all.

So what happened?  Health officials conducted extensive interviews with those stricken and finally determined that the culprit was a craving for sugar.  Indirectly.  More directly the real source was the first girl who became ill.  Here’s how it went.  The first girl felt ill, went to the restroom in her hotel room and vomited.  Projectile type.  The virus she had went flying across the room along with her lunch and landed everywhere in the room.  And here’s the good part- including on a reusable grocery shopping bag containing a number of packaged cookies that the rest of the team ate for lunch the next day.  The cookie packages got the germ from the bag and when the girls came in contact with the cookie package they got the germs.  Classic transmission.  Odd circumstances. What’s interesting about this case is that so many of us use those reusable shopping bags.  Paper or plastic?  I brought my own, thanks.  But week after week, carrying whatever we buy, do we ever think to wash the bag?  I wash my socks after I wear them.

Maybe I should wash my grocery bag after each excursion to the market.  These germs are sneaky!

Information for this post was obtained from  a newstory by JoNel Aleccia, Staff Writer, NBC News Blogroll titled “Reusable grocery bag carried nasty norovirus, scientists say”