I am attending the annual Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology conference in Charlotte this weekend. Having gone several years in a row, I will see a lot of friends. This is the 2nd year I am working with Pam Falk, APIC Consultant, at APIC LIVE an interactive donning & doffing presentation on Saturday and Sunday. It is a lot of fun and very informative. The PPE models are hilarious!

I look forward to my friend DR. Bill Rutala’s presentation titled Disinfection and Sterilization: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. He is a renowned expert and great speaker. He environmental surface cleaning in perspective. I met Dr. Rutala at my first conference and he has been a source of most of the knowledge I have picked up.

The APIC conference will be full of C-diff, CAUTI, CLABSI, MDRO and hand washing talk. Sounds boring and very clinical but it is so interesting. Being a non-clinical person, I am surprised to find the world of infection prevention is what I love. There is never a day, week or conference that I don’t learn something new.

Stand by… I may post an update from the 2016 APIC conference. I never know what is in store.