I attended the Atlanta chapter of APIC yesterday. Dr. Michael Bell from CDC gave a wonderful presentation titled Medical Devices and Infection Prevention. The information he provided was timely. There were several points he made that really caught my attention. Yes, because iGuard PPC has a solution/product that fits.

One device he spoke a good deal about was a warming and cooling machine used in cardio surgery. He showed a picture of the machine that was open with the inside showing. The example showed how these machines can have a buildup of bacteria, viruses and/or mold. The device has a fan that can spread the organisms throughout the surgery suite causing the potential for surgical site infections. iGuard’s solution is our hydrogen peroxide fogging system. The HaloMist can go into the crevices where cloths, brushes or other cleaning devices can’t. The HaloMist is EPA approved for C-diff spores so it will kill anything inside the machine.

Dr. Bell also spoke of novel technology in infection prevention. Nano-coatings were included. I was so happy to see he recognizes that self-sanitizing coatings are part of the future of infection prevention. In a study done at Emory Healthcare’s Budd Terrace, iGuard’s TiO2 coating has proven to be a major factor in aiding in the reduction of HAIs. The 3year study shows photocatalytic surface coatings work.

Thanks Dr. Bell for the wonderful information and reinforcing my belief that iGuard PPC has a product offering that will stand up to our mission of improving overall health through better infection prevention and control.