Infection prevention is on the mind of just about everyone in healthcare but that doesn’t mean Infection Preventionist (IP) don’t have to show their programs have value. Promoting the value of infection prevention programs and securing the resources necessary to ensure the continued viability of such programs has become imperative for the IP.   In the era of healthcare reform and increased demands on the IP’s time, resources must be allocated for staff, training and cost effective solutions. IPs also have to consider the following when showing value:

  • legislative mandates
  • public reporting
  • pay-for-performance
  • payment penalties
  • healthcare-associated infection (HAI) prevention collaboratives
  • bioterrorism
  • new and emerging pathogens

There are lots of studies showing that comprehensive programs with consistent training, effective products and equipment work in lowering HAI. Leadership must locate the resources for adequate personnel to execute program activities. The newest products and equipment are money down the drain if there aren’t enough people to complete the process.

So what’s the answer. One idea is to outsource advanced infection control processes. Don’t spend $200K on UV robots or a new technology that meets limited needs. Look for a company that will provide what you need when you need it. iGuard can do this for you. I think you will find that you can save money on effective technology and not resort to eliminating employees.

Source: Infection Prevention Programs: Promoting Value, Securing Resources; Kelly M. Pyrek, Infection Control Today, June 20, 2016