The COVID-19 tests we are using to detect the virus have an accuracy rate of 50%.  We are depending on Chinese tests to determine the presence of Coronavirus.  The last 4 tests approved by the FDA Emergency Use Act (EUA) were manufactured in China.  There are no tests currently made in the US.  The Chinese tests may be coming from a US company but if you trace it back, they are made in China.


A few weeks ago, a friend went to Florida with her family.  She has a 7-year-old and a 20-month-old.  Immediately after returning home, she got tested for Coronavirus.  After waiting 3 days, she found out she tested positive.  She immediately called her doctor and he said to get another test.  Three more days went by and her test was negative.  Hence, 50% accuracy.  This should not be acceptable.


My company distributes a test made in Germany with millions of tests completed at 99.3% accuracy.  The issue we are facing is the FDA is dragging their feet giving a EUA registration.  Our test has passed all the required tests with flying colors.  It has passed all testing done at the National Institute of Health. The National Cancer Institute has approved our tests.  They tell us they don’t need any additional information, but we keep waiting and waiting. Three months now.


If tests were being made in the US, I could understand those tests registered before our test.  But there are no (0) tests being manufactured in the United States.  Why isn’t the FDA focusing on accuracy?  People are getting bad results and infecting other people because of the Chinese tests we are using.  Please call your health care professionals, representatives, and senators before more people get COVID-19 and possibly die.  Inaccurate tests must be stopped.  If you would like more information on iGuard PPC’s COVID-19 Rapid Test, please email us.  #COVID-19Rapidtest #iGUARDPPC