We live our lives doing exactly what we want whenever we want.  And then comes the pandemic. All of a sudden, we can’t leave home.  We have to wear a mask.  We can’t go to movies or concerts.  Even the beach is off limits.

BUT… not everyone listens.  Do we not know the concequenses?  What has happened is people quickly have gone back to life as usual.  The concequenses are more people are sick.  More people are dying.  And we don’t get our life back to normal.  How hard is it to play by a different set of rules for a few months?

I have talked about the COVID 19 pandemic with many people.  It is a 50/50 split on what needs to happen.  Some people think the numbers are so low per capita we don’t need to stress over it.  Others follow all the rules, stay home, wear a mask out in public, etc.

I am in the infection prevention business and I think we need to follow the rules.  Yes, business is good, but I am ready to get back to normal.  I don’t like working from home.  I want to go sit in a restaurant for 2 hours and casually eat dinner.

Americans are spoiled.  Even I am ready not to be told what to do and how to do it.  I want the pandemic to be done.  I am going to continue to play be rules and hope all others do the same.  Over with Corona! #COVID19 #iguardppc #disinfectionservices