Control infection with our advanced ultra-violet system

Protect Medical Devices and Control the Spread of Infection

With iGuard’s Advanced Ultra Violet System, devices can be sanitized at any time by any staff member.  According to independent lab results, the safe, completely contained UV treatment sanitizes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.  It only takes 48 seconds to decontaminate the devices placed in the the AUVS.  The quick turn around allows sanitizing of devices most often handled by healthcare workers, patients  and family members.

High touch, expensive medical and non-medical devices are known for easily being contaminated. These devices move freely around the facility and commonly go un-sanitized. Failure to clean these mobile devices represents a dangerous gap that must be addressed to control infections. The Advanced Ultra-Violet System (AUV) controls infection with a safe and effective alternative to protect medical devices by treating equipment in t.

The service life of expensive medical equipment is frequently and dramatically reduced by wipe and spray-related damage. The use of bleaching solutions leads to premature equipment replacement and increased expenditures to save the equipment. There are numerous studies showing that comprehensive programs with consistent training, effective products, and equipment work in lowering infections. The newest products and equipment are money down the drain if there aren’t enough people to complete the process.


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Rely on valued expertise

Dr. Wayne Clark, a recognized expert in germicidal UV applications, developed the KR 615 specifically to address infection spread in healthcare environments. He holds multiple patents and has been contracted by the Department of Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the pentagon’s immune building program to address bioterrorism threats in ventilation systems.

Environmentally Friendly

A typical 200-bed hospital will send almost five truckloads of germicidal wipes to local landfills over ten years. The KR 614 advanced ultraviolet system produces no ongoing waste. Landfill dumping and related costs are eliminated, making it not only a green solution but a completely sustainable strategy.


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Read this article from the CDC  to learn about infection control prevention for medical devices.

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