Protects Your Expensive Medical Devices and LED Displays
Sanitizes 99.9% COVID 19, C. diff and MRSA in 48 seconds on high-touch devices

Two Problems: One Solution

Healthcare systems generally have 2 issues with their prevention control
1. Gaps in Infection Prevention Protocol- High touch medical and non-medical devices are known to cross contaminate.  They are moving freely around the facility and commonly go un-sanitized. Failure to clean these mobile devices represents a dangerous problem.  It must be addressed to help control health care-associated infections (HAI)’s and surgical site infections( SSI)’s.

2. Bleach Often Damages Medical Equipment
Medical equipment is frequently damaged by disinfectant sprays.  Use of bleach solutions damages equipment and it must be replaced causing extra expense.

Solve Both Problems and protect your expensive medical devices with the Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems KR615 Germicidal Enclosure