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The iGuard System prevents and stops the spread of infection with disinfection and continuous surface protection.
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iGuard’s disinfectants are environmentally safe and EPA registered to kill bacteria, viruses, spores and COVID-19 (coronavirus).
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The iGuard System controls the spread of infection while helping  control costs.
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Disinfection Services

DID YOU KNOW: The iGuard system is completely unlike other disinfection products and services?
MOST COMPANIES: Spray with the least expensive harsh chemicals, heavy metals, or diluted poisons to kill bacteria and viruses.  They hope it will not cause damage.
THE iGUARD DIFFERENCE: Our disinfectants are made from environmentally safe  peroxide and peroxyacetic acid.  iGuard PPC’s products in our disinfection services are EPA registered.

iGuard provides disinfection products and services
to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Bacteria and viruses can hide in the nooks and crannies of surfaces.
Our electrostatic spraying system provides 100% complete coverage on and around
all of your surfaces to help protect and prevent viruses from spreading.

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iGuard’s disinfection service can help you PREPARE and PROTECT.

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THE ISSUE: Due to highly contagious bacteria and viruses  in healthcare facilities and the community, newer, high-tech equipment and disinfectants are needed.
THE iGUARD DIFFERENCE: Our electrostatic sprayer provides a negative charge to the disinfectant being sprayed. This allows droplets to coat all the areas where germs can hide. It uses much less solution than spray bottles, saving you and your company money and reduces downtime.
PRODUCTS USED: Our disinfection and protection products offer a unique botanical combination to kill dangerous bacteria and viruses that survive for an extended period of time on surfaces. The iGuard PPC hydrogen peroxide and peroxyacetic acid disinfection solution and/or BAC (botanical antimicrobial cleaner) are two of the safest disinfectants available.

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THE ISSUE: Until recently, disinfection against COVID-19 or any virus outbreak has been the only means of killing bacteria and virus that can survive long-term on surfaces.
THE iGUARD DIFFERENCE: With newer, long-lasting products, iGuard can help protect against contamination in healthcare facilities, arenas, buildings, or office surfaces. The iGuard System even goes the extra step beyond just disinfecting to provide long-lasting surface protection against bacteria, viruses, and spores.
PRODUCTS USED: iGuard’s surface disinfection system provides the needed protection between routine cleanings and are EPA certified, green and botanical based.

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THE ISSUE: Controlling the spread of infection is critical, especially during a pandemic  outbreak such as COVID-19. It’s also important for iGuard to help you manage costs.  Infections reached an estimated cost of $52 billion in 2019 and are forecasted to reach in the trillions with the 2020 outbreak.
THE iGUARD DIFFERENCE: At iGuard, although our primary focus is on stopping the spread of infection, we also want to help you control costs. Investing in cost-effective infection prevention will not only create a safe environment but control immediate and future expenses.
PRODUCTS USED: Learn more about infection prevention