“Using iGuard’s disinfection fogging service with an EPA registered hydrogen peroxide and peroxyacetic acid disinfectant throughout our seven (7) floors, is the most aggressive and common-sense approach we have pursued in our infection control efforts. As iGuard’s disinfectant continues to kill bacteria and viruses, we already are seeing a decreasing effect in our monthly facility infection statistical outcomes”, says John Pulliam, Administrator, Budd Terrace at Emory Healthcare.

Safe Effective Disinfection Service

DISINFECTION SERVICES – Facility‐Wide Disinfection

iGuard’s disinfection service disinfects facility‐wide on all surfaces and touch points.  iGuard PPC is an infection prevention company, not a cleaning or janitorial business.  Our service technicians use powerful, state-of-the-art sprayers an EPA registered disinfectants to ensure 100% coverage.


iGuard provides standby service, 24‐hours a day, 7 days a week in the event of an individual gets infected or there is an outbreak.  iGuard’s customized emergency outbreak plan includes isolation protocols for symptomatic or confirmed positive employees. Additionally, the plan is customized with immediate action steps to minimize further employee cross-contamination. Our health and safety staff will also coordinate with your management team to help identify any additional employee exposure.


iGuard offers an array of consulting services. Our list of highly trained staff can help your company develop the perfect Infection Prevention Program for your needs.

  • Epidemiologist
  • Infection Preventionist
  • Industrial Hygienist
  • Specialized service technicians

Disinfection Services

The pandemic has made us understand the importance of proper sanitization and disinfection. Be it for hospitals, buildings or factories, disinfection has become an imperative part of every field. To meet your required needs, we at iGuard are ready to be your disinfection service provider and want you to feel safe with our cleaners. Our services include deep cleans and sanitary measures so that every place becomes safe to work in. By using top-grade chemicals, our team of experts does the needful. They are adept in functioning with electric and electrostatic tools and know several deep cleaning techniques. iGuard is here to help you create a safe environment so that the workers do not feel any threat.

Customized Services

Our services have been sought by schools, hospitals, veterinary clinics, manufacturing facilities, medical offices, warehouses, gyms, restaurants and many such places. Professional cleaning services are needed to operate with high footfall and traffic. Sensitive places like hospitals and clinics cannot do without regular sanitation and thus can reach out to us for maximum support. Our professional disinfecting services make sure that the outbreak of viruses, flus or colds can be cut down as much as possible. On the basis of your requirements, we offer you customizations and guarantee you the best results. From disinfecting to sanitizing to deep cleaning services, we provide all. You can also get hospital-grade disinfectants and electrostatic systems from us. Moreover, the chemicals that we use are completely environment-friendly and do not harm the greenery around. iGuard is always ready to serve you at any given emergency hour.

Why Choose Us

iGuard has been receiving positive feedback from its customers for years now. Our team of experts is equipped with years of knowledge and the latest tools to come up with the best service. We select the disinfectants depending on the type of your organization and see to their effectiveness fully. Only after knowing the type of work do we proceed to choose the method of cleaning. Being your reliable disinfection service provider, we guarantee that the process gets done most fruitfully. Your varying needs and requirements are met by us at each step. iGuard also provides quick service to its customers. We value the importance of your time and do not keep the building occupied for a long time. The chemicals and disinfectants that we use evaporate fast enough and do the needful in that short period of time. You can resume working before you know it!

When contacting us, know that your safety is our priority. Our disinfection services do not include any gaseous odor or leave traces of harmful chemicals on any surface. Before we hand over the organization to you again, our team checks for toxicity traits and removes them, if any. iGuard’s broad spectrum of cleaning and professional disinfection services is a top choice for everyone. Without making a dent in your pocket, you get to have a safe workplace with proper sanitary measures. Contact us without delay if you want more details of our services!