Kim and the whole team at iGuard have been nothing short of amazing. Everytime they come in to sanitize our medical clinic we know they will be on time, be careful while sanitizing and make sure they sanitize every surface. We were worried once COVID started getting really bad but the whole team really stepped up and were able to provide us with everything we needed to remain as protected and sanitized as we could. We would highly recommend Kim and her team at iGuard for any professional services as their expertise and service cannot be matched.

Alex Arantes, Practice Manager Ideal Health Medical Center

“Here at U of IL, we are committed to protecting our athletes by having our equipment, weight rooms and locker rooms treated. The iGuard treatment gives us the peace of mind of keeping our athletes and staff safe. Our coaches are thrilled that we put safety first in our programs allowing them to concentrate on what they do best, coach.  This is the fifth year we have treated our facilities and we have had no staph infections since we started this treatment.”

Lenny Willis, Assistant Athletic Director of Sports Facilities, University of Illinois

“As physicians and parents, my wife and I would like to recommend the iGuard disinfection product for both home and medical practice use. This is a very personal recommendation to us. Our son, Sam, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in January 2013. Due to his chemotherapy and bone marrow suppression, he was severely immunocompromised. My wife and I wanted to do everything possible to make his home environment as safe as possible. Part of that process involved having the iGuard applied in our home. I fully believe that this product allowed him to avoid infections for many months. Sam ultimately died from the complications of AML, but did so at home with his family there.”

Ben Thrower, MD, Atlanta, GA

“Applying an antimicrobial smart coating to the high touch areas throughout our seven (7) floors, is the most aggressive and common sense approach we have pursued in our infection control efforts. As iGuard’s  antimicrobial coating kills bacteria and viruses, we are already seeing a decreasing effect in our monthly facility infection statistical outcomes.”

John Pulliam, Administrator Bud Terrace Wesley Woods, Emory University Health system