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PENETREXX® Antimicrobial

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Your One-Stop Solution for High-Quality Disinfectant Products and Services

 iGuard is a leading provider of botanical disinfectant products and services. Our dedication lies in providing you with everything for both commercial and residential disinfectant cleaning. You cannot function anywhere that possesses the risk of a viral, fungal, or bacterial outbreak, so we are always here to aid you in properly decontaminate your place with our comprehensive infection prevention products and solutions.

With the global upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, certainly, the standard methods are not adequate to clean and sanitize an entire building or area. Since there are numerous toxic disinfectants, choosing the wrong one can create unsafe conditions both for the people and the environment. We stick to our roots and offer you completely safe and environmentally friendly botanical products so that you don’t only disinfect your home or office but also do it securely.


An Array of Products

As a professional infection prevention services company, we know what matters the most and also how to meet your disinfection needs. Our capability of cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, and deodorizing your property takes less time. Since we deal in botanical solutions, our services are only of the highest quality and entirely safe for people of all ages. When it comes down to our products, they are devoid of bleach and strong chemicals. If you want environmentally responsive conditions, try our wide range of environmentally friendly disinfectant products and services. Here are some of our most sought-out products:


  • Noroxycdiff

This antimicrobial is bleach-free. It is best for easy hospital use on non-porous, hard surfaces, and does not require a rinse or wipe. With an HMIS Safety Rating of 1-0-0, it is ready-to-use and applied electrostatically too.


  • iGuard Electrostatic Sprayer

Our electrostatic sprayer uses physics in the best possible way to cover more areas while significantly decreasing the impact on the environment. Using the air, it builds bits of droplets, which are 900 times tinier than the everyday sprayers and can travel into impenetrable spaces. It is just perfect to disinfect your office building and surroundings.


  • AUVS KR615 Germicidal Enclosure

This kit is your solution to two major problems – safeguarding medical equipment and filling the gaps in your infection prevention measures. An expert in germicidal UV applications, Dr. Wayne Clark built the AUVS to help prevent infection in small and major healthcare facilities. You can securely sanitize medical, as well as non-medical devices while avoiding damage to any commodity or equipment. Few infection prevention products company can provide damage-free sanitization products and services.


  • BAC Hand Sanitizer

Looking for something handier? iGuard offers the FDA-registered hand sanitizer, which has organic glycerine, 75% Isopropanol, purified water, organic wintergreen, and thyme oil. It can be used in hospitals, offices, governmental institutions, military, restaurants, production houses, and manufacturing plants, and is one of our several environmentally friendly disinfectant products you can choose from.


Prevent All Kinds of Airborne Diseases

Our infection prevention products company is designed to give a residence or organization efficacious results and a peaceful mindset regarding infection control and prevention. Everyone seeks a hygienic atmosphere, whether it is at home or the workplace, and you need to have every inch of the surface area and air to undergo sanitation. iGuard reduces the likelihood of contamination by removing the microbes present in your surroundings. Our products are unique and composed of effective solutions that have proven to remove all kinds of virus strains to keep you safe – be it viral or airborne, fungal, or bacterial. We highly value the health and safety of your family and employees.


More than Products, We Also Provide the Best Services

At iGuard, we make sure you get a 360° solution to your problems. By availing of our offerings, you become eligible for a host of benefits.

  • As an infection prevention products company, we consider the differences between areas and provide exactly what you need to get the job done perfectly.
  • Due to most contaminations spreading through the air conditioners within a property, we have products and services to disinfect your ACs as well.
  • Our professional team is an expert in their work. We strictly follow every guideline to ensure there is no chance of cross-contamination during the cleaning process.
  • We strive to retain our reputation across the world, so we conduct extensive research and analysis to understand your requirements. Each disinfection service can be different based on the industry or area and the nature of the job. Our company takes great care in tailoring each task at par with your demands.

Most of the chemicals you will pick from grocery shelves or find in healthcare vendors have harsh elements that cause damage. Being the leading infection prevention services company, we sell items that consist of no peroxyacetic acid, ammonium, sodium chloride, or bleach, ensuring no risks for as long as you use them.

Need top-grade environmentally friendly disinfectant products and an efficient and experienced firm to assist you? Find out more on our services page or directly get in touch with iGuard.

The iGuard Disinfection System is not just cutting edge, but is considered essential by the professionals when it comes to