Infection Control with our Advanced

Ultra-Violet System

iGuard’s Advanced Ultra-Violet System disinfects any device in 48 seconds.  High-touch devices that move in, out and around your hospital including smart phones and tablets are a proven source of cross contamination and Healthcare Associated Infections.


  • Cell Phones
  • Tablets
  • Employee Badges
  • TV Remote Controls
  • And more!

iGuard’s AUVS kills bacteria and viruses at the source with our UV disinfection system.

Becoming widely referred to as The UV Box, the iGuard AUVS fills the gaps in your Infection Prevention Protocol, working continuously between terminal cleanings and providing a better option than wipes.

Patented UV technology delivers a kill rate greater than or equal to 99.99% for the toughest contaminants including COVID 19 and C. diff. spores.



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Environmentally Friendly

A typical 200-bed hospital will send almost five truckloads of germicidal wipes to local landfills over ten years. The Advanced Ultraviolet System produces no ongoing waste. 


Learn more about Infection Control

Read this article from the CDC  to learn about infection control prevention for medical devices.

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