BAC hand sanitizer

BAC (Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner) Hand Sanitizer

iGuard’s BAC (Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner) hand sanitizer is a true pharmaceutical grade hand sanitizer.  BAC Hand Sanitizer gel is FDA registered.  It is made with isopropyl alcohol from corn grown by American farmers, organic USP grade plant glycerin that is found in most luxury cosmetics.  The lesser brands use imported chemicals, cheap ethanol and methanol.

Areas Of Use

• Hospitals
• Nursing Homes
• Manufacturing Plants
• Government Buildings
• First Responders
• Offices
• Restaurants
• Military


FDA approved CFR 10.115(g)(2)
• Broad spectrum
• Compounded using 2020 CDER Guidelines
• Meets FDA Food Code Hand Antiseptics Criteria



• Made with Isopropanol not ethanol
• Made with cosmetic grade Organic Glycerin
• Made with organically grown Thyme Oil
• Non-drying
• Quick kill time